Сreating and funding the next generation of web3 Ww tech

Kikimora Labs is a venture studio and tech hub focused on incubating next-generation technological projects in web3, education, and other areas.


We support projects at the various stages of their growth, from concept generation to scaling and entry into new markets.

The Kikimora Labs ecosystem integrates an investment wing, a marketing agency, an outsourcing and out-staffing center.

We co-invest with leading venture capital and crypto funds, as well as institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals.

We provide complete transparency and help you navigate the roughless environment of web3 and other areas.

Areas of expertise


marketing agency • outstaffing center • outsorcing center • outstaffing center


marketing agency • outstaffing center • outsorcing center • outstaffing center


marketing agency • outstaffing center • outsorcing center • outstaffing center


marketing agency • outstaffing center • outsorcing center • outstaffing center

Kikimora Labs has developed & successfully launched projects inside the Near Protocol Ecosystem

Roketo is a real-time finance platform for recurring payment flows. Roketo handles paydays, startup investments and token airdrops with complete transparency, low commission and fast transactions.

NearPay is a crypto finance protocol that provides the easiest way to exchange, manage, and spend crypto.

MyNearWallet is an established wallet solution for the NEAR Protocol, enabling a safe & easy for you to store, buy, send and stake NEAR assets.

Near Dungeon is the world's first fully networked adventure game on the Near blockchain where community decides everything.

GoNearName is an account marketplace for NEAR blockchain which gives for users capabilities to buy or sell their named accounts in the easiest way.

ChatPlace is a gamified and automated solution to increase engagement and sales on Instagram Direct Messages and Telegram.


Opportunity for startups to receive additional funding

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Leveling the barriers to building

Kikimora Labs is fostering a network of founders, investors, and startups who strive in a fast-paced, impact-driven environment.

Kikimora Labs improves the industry's growth standards for startups, removes barriers to networking, investment, and development faced by new ventures.


Built to build you

Kikimora is led by serial entrepreneurs and operators with first-hand experience in building companies from scratch.

Eugene Rid


Alex Kouprin


Taras Dovgal


Kikimora Labs is the place for innovators and disruptors that want to contribute in the next generation of technology.

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